Makeup Trials

Lash Lifts and Tints



The benefits of the Service:

  • Lash Lifts make lashes appear fuller and longer because a lash lift curls your lash from base to tip so that you can see the full length. We use a tiny curling rod made of silicon and a lifting solution that will give a semi permanent lift to lashes that lasts for 6-8 weeks. Add a lash tint for bolder results

  • Lash Tinting darkens lash for 3-4 weeks

 How to properly care for my eyelashes that were lifted/permed?

  • You should avoid mascara for 48 hours after the treatment, and leave lashes untouched for a full day.       

  • No makeup, or water should come in contact with your lashes for 24 hours. 

  The most frequently occurring risks of lash services, and those risks which are unlikely to occur but which may involve serious consequences, including but not limited to the risk of experiencing:

  • (a) Blepharitis and its associated symptoms, (b) an allergic reactions to the perming cream used to perm my natural eyelashes, (c) Traction Alopecia and its associated symptoms; (d) an eye injury due to perming cream falling on or into the eye; and (e) an eye or other injury occurring during the performance of the Service;